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Fuck homophobia
Fuck intolerant culture 
& Fuck you

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Can we just get married and adopt puppies and shit yet?


No, I have someone, thank you.

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Changed my URL

It had been xhatexlifex for so long and it felt like the time to change it.

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I’m so nervous I feel like I might hurl.

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raise your hand if you’re a lil bit of an asshole

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El Cobra Mine, Mexico





Still Not a Joke — Good Awareness Campaign From Just Detention International

What if your kid went to jail for trying pot, something that is very probable if your kid is black and living in a state like Texas. Does that mean they deserve to be raped? Does that mean that they should live in conditions that go against all human rights?

Most prison rapes are committed by prison staff. Even if you are heartless and do not care about the prisoners, remember that these prison staff rapists go home to their nice houses in the outside world. Remember that they are your neighbors, maybe they even have babysat your children. Remember that as long as some victims are dehumanized and ignored, many perpetrators will never be caught. And yes, these perpetrators do pose a threat to you and your family. Prison rape, rape in generalis everybody’s problem. And definitely not a fucking joke. 

The idea that prisoners “deserve” to be raped is part of rape culture.
Rape is not a punishment. It can not be earned. It is a crime every single time, no matter what, no matter who the victim is.

No one deserves to be sexually assaulted in any way. NO ONE.


CC4441 | Tomokazu Hayakawa Architects. Japan